Media Center

Students using the Media Center are required to take care of materials, returning them on time and in good condition.  Students must pay for items lost or damaged.  No fine is assessed for books returned late.

Students are allowed to check out one book for a week.  If a book is being used to do a class report, the book may be checked out as long as necessary to complete the report.

Suggestions for the care of books:

  • Always use a book bag or backpack to carry books (a sturdy grocery bag will do).
  • Wash hands before handling books.
  • Do not eat or drink while reading.
  • Do not write in books
  • Keep books away from small children and pets.
  • Find a special place to keep books.
  • Open book and turn pages from the top right hand corner.

Inform the Media Center specialist if a book needs to be repaired.  Special book tape is required to repair torn pages.  Please do not attempt to fix the problem yourself.


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overdrivelogoOVERDRIVE: ebook library

Freedom Elementary happily introduced a new, free service providing digital books through Overdrive. The Overdrive website is an extension of Freedom ‘s physical library, but it’s online and available 24/7.

Students’ login with a user number (which is their student number used to login to Skyward) and password (which is their last name.)

To use OverDrive, go to the secure website at Login using their student ID # and last name.

The title they select can be read right from the browser or downloaded to a computer, tablet, smartphone, or eReader. At the end of the checkout period, the book is automatically returned.

Freedom Elementary Media Center is excited to launch the OverDrive service!


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